Yves Gagnon

Career Objectives

  • Creation and Conception of Eco-Society projects. Ecological, Humanitarian and entirely Autonomous.

  • Conception of Eco-Responsible villages establishing the basis of a New Society founded on the reconciliation of Man and Nature, as well as a space that will bring a contribution to the well-being of Humans. These self-sufficient villages must provide technological innovations for all natural needs of its inhabitants, like potable water, total energy, organic and natural food, health services and health support and education.

  • Based on values that are respectful of nature while offering regeneration that optimize vitality and the evolution of conscience of every single human being.

  • Become an international window in order to contribute to the emergence of of a better world.

Specific Competences

  • Architectural Designer motivated by a solid experience in the creation and conception of large scale projects.

  • Management of projects.

  • Leadership and supervision of people.

  • Aptitude to communicate with workers, flexibility and team work.

  • Solid personal motivation.

Professional Career

  • Real Estate Development

  • Conception and realization of prestigious residences.

  • Creation of projects :

    • Château Pyramide Place Louxor,

    • Château des Bois Tremblant,

    • Beaulieu sur Rive Montréal



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