Denis L. Palmer

In school from my earliest years I discovered errors in what was being taught, those errors created a desire to determine what is correct. Over many years of experimenting and research, lead me to a discovery of magnetic properties and how to use them to our advantage. The first example was our motor technology; we had developed a power source, but could not control it. Working and developing this technology, and learning how to control it, lead to many other discoveries in the field of magnetics. Many of these discoveries are included in the Magnet Motor and Generator.

From the Marine Corps Electronics and Radio schools, I went to work at IBM where I was top in my class and advanced in experience in many areas including product support, engineering practices, and inventory control all of which I utilized in future endeavors. During that time I was involved in a major automobile accident that left me temporarily paralyzed, with only my left arm and eye operational. A miraculous two months later I was able to return to work and continued my learning, when my recovery was at 90 % I returned to my customer engineering duties.

I was offered a position and the opportunity to learn Lockheed Electronics Computer systems and leaving IBM to advanced my learning to a higher level at the Lockheed electronics school.

Two years later I started my own computer repair company, Computer Maintenance Service (CMS). I started and ran CMS for approximately 7 years during which I brought a new level of computer service to non-IBM systems in the Portland area.

Following Computer Maintenance Service I founded NuVation Systems Inc. As CEO, I setup and oversaw the design and development of the in-house as well as marketed products, based on a DEC LSI 11/23 computer I designed and implemented a just in time procurement and manufacturing system, developed and marketed systems and software solutions. We delivered systems and software platforms that were modular and expandable, fully integrated, under my direction, set a new standard and direction in Computer systems design, Manufacturing, Procurement, Manufacturing,

After selling Nuvation Systems I again founded a computer repair service company Maintenance and Support Service Inc. Maintenance and Support Services provided repairs for both government and private industries all over the state of Oregon. As I CEO performed engineering, contracts, sales, marketing, and accounting.

I left Maintenance and Support Services to The employees and went to work for Teledyne Systems. While working for Teledyne I provided product support for the Northrup F20 fighter plane, was a test engineer for AFTEDS, and assistant project engineer for the 1750 Boeing project, as well as the Cost account Manager Milstar, test Lab manager, and Project Engineer Milstar FEU (Flight Equivalent Unit) and ATSE (Associated Test and Support Equipment.) it was during the time I was working with Teledyne I was able to complete the first functioning design for the EMP capable control for the Magnetronics motor and successfully test and demonstrate that system.

I was hired to turn MediComp into a profitable company. During his first two months I reorganized the company and corrected design flaws in the hardware systems. As Director of Marketing, I re-branded the company and replaced the outdated marketing materials. I restructured product support, through customer training and updated policies, increasing overall customer satisfaction. I Implemented on-site customer training, which allowed the customers to utilize change management processes to increase the overall success of the MediComp product implementation. This also enables user driven design development and implementation. This led to not only repeat customers but an increase in overall sales changing the company from a negative to a positive cash flow.

Following the reorganization of MediComp, I negotiated the first sale for Medical Computer Solutions. He provided the software design requirements and assisted in the design of the user interface. Again fulfilling a marketing role, I branded Medical Computer Solutions and created the marketing materials. I also provided computer systems, software design, and electronics engineering.

In between the electronics engineering I did construction in many areas of construction from heavy equipment operation and repair to custom home design and building, I have built buildings using many methods, metal, wood framed, concrete stand-up, ICF, I took a welding course and, classes in concrete finishing, gaining knowledge in many areas that I have been able to use to make advancements in unrelated fields. This includes designing solutions to problems that are not obvious to people that lack my knowledge in multiple fields.

While working for Mike Pitman Engineering, I provided both electrical and mechanical design, building a successful balance and control system for a tower crane lift with a movable balance weight. I designed and built a complete portable PUG mill cement plant, using hydraulic systems for auto loading.

I returned to my entrepreneurial roots founding Millennial Motors to design and build electric motors to extend the range of electric powered cars. Using I’ designs a car was retrofitted with Millennial Motors’ technology which achieved new level of distance for electric cars. The Millennial Motors’ technology incorporates ’ magnetronic technology and electronic controls, which provide a unmatched efficiency. The development of the technologies was given over to the new startup Millennial Research.

With Millennial Research, I directed the development of products. I worked with Patent Attorneys to obtain multiple patents for the Millennial technology. He developed and deployed a generator in the oil field proving a better power output to power input then was possible with previous technologies. I also directed testing and obtained outside verification of increased output from the motor platform when compared with any other available technology.

Over the years I have made discoveries which if fully developed would be an asset to the progression of technology for the benefit of mankind.

My areas of interest include:

Agriculture and natural health,

Electronics and Energy production and use.

Modern medical and improved medical test equipment,

Transportation and improved methods,

Housing and family,

Education for the betterment of all,

manufacturing and service and repair of machinery,

Gravity and Magnetism

Electricity and Atom/molecular properties.


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