Ben Mangina

The following is a list of my best accomplishments:

  1. 1963-67 At age 19 I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and am a U.S.M.C Vietnam Veteran.

  2. 1972 South Texas Nuclear Power Plant investigation; surface and subsurface investigations.

  3. 1973-74 Washington Power Supply (WPPS) Field Office Manager-Engineering Assistant for Nuclear Power Plant Studies.

  4. 1975-1981 Plateau Resources, Superior Mining, and City of San Francisco Supervision of surface and subsurface hydro geologic investigations of copper, uranium, and phosphate mines; and scuba diving in an oceanographic and geo-technical investigation for a sewage outfall study.

  5. 1981-1983 Kerr McGee Supervisor for a field investigation regarding the environmental effects of uranium mills and mines; including surface and subsurface hydrology and water quality.

  6. 1983-1984 Integral Senior Engineer responsible for training and supervision of engineers on hydro-geologic investigations in Colombia, South America.

  7. 1984-1985 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Senior Engineer. – Senior Engineer for offshore oceanographic investigation contributing to the design of a power/desalination plant in Saudi Arabia.

  8. 1986-1987 Transwestern / Enron Gas Corporation. Site Manager. – Site Manager responsible for field investigation/remediation of PCB-contaminated soils and groundwater and for a multidisciplinary, hazardous waste field investigation/ remediation, including design and supervision of the manufacture of project related soil gas extraction probes.

  9. 1988-1989 Chemwood. Site Manager. – Site Manager for the investigation and remediation of an above ground and underground storage tanks and field investigation of contaminants at a wood preservative treatment facility in Hawaii.

  10. 1989-1992 Firestone Tire & Rubber Company. Site Manager. – Site Manager, for the investigation and remediation of a tire manufacturing facility in California, responsible for the installation of groundwater monitoring and extraction wells, soil gas extraction well system, the excavation of contaminated soils, and construction oversight of a water treatment plant. This $7.5 million project was completed with no environmental or safety related incidents.

  11. 1993 Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. – Site Manager for site investigations, waste characterization, remediation, and closure of toxic waste-contaminated soil at a major chemical plant in the Houston area.

  12. 1993-1997 Dow Chemical Freeport Texas Superintendent and Site Health Safety Officer of the Block A-2600 Tank V-521 Cleanout at Freeport. Responsibilities included the health and safety of all site personnel of numerous storage tanks including dredging of DNAPL’s in ship channel, clean closures of ponds.

  13. 1998 Project Manager. – Project manager on a PCB tank-cleaning project. Planned and executed the solvent cleaning and solids removal from a 15.6M and a 21.8M vertical tanks, a 6.4M gallon horizontal tank, and a 4M gallon vacuum tank.

  14. 1999-2000 US Army Corps of Engineers. Quality Control Manager. – Quality Control Manager responsible for construction oversight on a remediation project located in east Texas.

  15. 2000 Norfolk Southern Railroad. Site Manager. – Site Manager for a lagoon closure project at site in Virginia. The project consisted of stabilizing over 10,000 cubic yards of petroleum sludge, and placing geosynthetic and clay liners.

  16. 2000-2001 Mobil Mining & Minerals. Site Manager. – Site Manager on a wetlands restoration project in south Texas. This fixed-price turnkey project consisted of expanding and improving an existing saltwater marsh and building a freshwater marsh that covered an area of approximately 30 acres.

  17. 2001 Elf Atochem – Served as Site Manager on a three-phase project, which included asbestos removal/building demolition, phosphogypsum stockpile relocation, and debris and contaminated soil remediation project in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

  18. 2002 Operations Manager, Vozrozhdeniya Island, Uzbekistan Pathogenic Material Destruction Project, Defense Threat Reduction Agency – Versar, Inc. as Team subcontractor to Raytheon Technical Services Company. Mr. Mangina served as Project Operations Manager for this highly sensitive, time-critical project in this Former Soviet Union republic. Mr. Mangina worked with the Uzbek nationals, other U. S. civilian contract employees on the team, and with the client, the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA). Work was performed under the auspices of the U.S. Department of State, as well as the Department of Defense.

  19. 2002 Technical Consultant, Iraq’s main nuclear site at Tuwaitha near Baghdad. – As the technical consultant for the United States Department of State and in support of the International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) inspection team. Mr. Mangina provided technical support and training for Level A Hazmat entry by IAEA of Iraqs’ main nuclear site at Tuwaitha, near Baghdad for the purposes of assessment and cleanup of the site (which had been looted).

  20. 2003 Logistics Specialist, Iraq USACE destruction of Captured Enemy Ammunition Project – Logistics specialist on the advance party setting up facilities to enable EOD Contractors to operate at ammunition storage locations throughout Iraq. The work was performed under the auspices of the United States Army Corps of Engineers.

  21. 2003-2004 Clean Earth – Superintendent, Construction of infrastructure the removal of contaminated materials and the placement of 750,000 cy. Engineered fill, for roadway and building subgrades, for a 200 acre industrial complex located in Northern New Jersey.

  22. 2004-2005 Construction Manager, Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) Pipeline Oil Spill Response Bases in Azerbaijan and Georgia This project located in the remote mountains of Georgia; was completed during sustained bitter winter conditions (-25 C0 sustained ambient temperature) After 6 months of delay on the construction of the PSA2 Oil Spill Response Base is Azerbaijan, Mr.Mangina mobilized an approved competent contractor and within a 2 month period completed construction ahead of first oil.. The Oil Response Base at the PSA2 pumping station is located in an extremely remote location in Yevlak, Azerabaijan.

  23. 2006-2007 Technical Sales Manager, Global Secure Corporation. Targets included US DOD, US DOS, UK MOD, Kuwaiti and other Gulf States, and other targets. Mangina traveled approximately 75% including overseas calling on clients and conducting product demonstrations. All assignments were completed in a timely manner and on or under budget.

  24. 2007-Present Manager of Strategic Planning, Toltec International Inc.


United States Marine Corps, Served in Vietnam.

I desire to help give back to Humanity by using my experience in remediation; and in the bottom of my heart, I wish leaving this planet a much better place than I found it.


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