Madeleine Vallée

Humanization of birth by
A benevolent welcoming of the newborn

My life’s work

Jurist by formation, I spent an important portion of my career in the field of communication, journalism and marketing.

In the last fifteen (15) years I devoted my life for a subject that became a passion, the holistic approach to all health matters and in particular its energetic aspect.

This allowed me to let bring to the surface old and new knowledge that I continue to investigate.

My practice in the field of energetics, most particularly in the domain of affective memories, naturally brought me to demonstrate the importance of the gestation period and the birth of a child, for a balanced development of all human being. To provide education on the subject of “Conscience Birth” is at the core of my preoccupations, for a pacified fate of our Humanity.

Project for Humanization of the Birth of a Child

Pre and perinatal psychology teaches us, since the last thirty years, with a large body of scientific research, that the child has a perception of a very large domain of physical reality right from his/her conception. The circumstances surrounding his/her preconception, his/her conception, his/her gestation, his/her birth and his/her postpartum period have an incorporator effect on his/her development, his/her psyche, his/her relation to others, and to his or her own self. Overall on his or her capacity to love, his or her own willingness to be loved, and more importantly his or her own capacity to love himself or herself.

Whereas, the conditions of birthing and delivery are degrading in all parts of the world. The hyper medicalization of birth is a kind of hijacking of women and a negation of their natural and normal process of carrying and giving birth to a child.

Everywhere, there is a cultural conditioning, a socialization of the delivery process that translates into a will to dominate nature and to augment the control over the bodies of women.

The obstetrical violence causes non recognized damages to our children, and their echo reverberate in our societies. When a child is being born in violence, his or her heart – the most vulnerable part of being – will close, in order to protect oneself, from the aggression of the environment.

This situation brings us to interrogate ourselves on the future of the Human Species. The epigenetics demonstrates that modifications at the hearth of the genome can happen over one or two generations, under the physical and vibratory influence of the environment. Then, what will happen in one or two generations, to the capacity of women to bring their child to the world, if more than half of them give birth by cesarean section!? At the time of giving birth, women produce a peak of oxytocin and other hormones, unequaled at any other period in their life. In most birthing rooms, this production of natural hormones is inhibited by the injection of artificial oxytocin and numerous medical interventions. What will happen to our Humanity if in the next decade, humans will be prevented from developing by themselves this LOVE hormone?

Love is the source of everything. It is our primeval essence of parental love and the perpetuation of this breath of life that permits a child to blossom.

It is necessary to proceed towards a “Conscience Birth” and a return to the physiological birthing. In order to respect the capacities of women to give birth, we must elevate the conscience of Humanity in such a way as to create a balanced world, the source of peace.

This welcoming requires a profound change in our ways of listening to our children, to receive them, to recognize them, and to respect them in the totality and integrity of the whole Being.

Newborn children, whose vibrations are de facto higher than the preceding generations, are demanding to initiate their first carnation in the respect of the origin of their first essence in order to allow them to remain in connection with their superior mental conscience and conserve the energetic centers, in priority their hearths, wide open.

For these newborn to be able to help Humanity raise its conscience to an important level, it matters that we create a favorable context to their reception and their future enlargement.

These children require a careful attention and listening by the parents before their carnation. The pre-conception and pre-gestation communication must become a normal and usual preamble of preparation to birth. A first handshake is essential and inevitable between the parents and the soul of the child to be born.

This requires an in-depth rediscovery of the Conscience of the Conception, that became much too restrictive in our societies and in order to revive this forgotten wisdom in the heart of everyone.

How can we trigger this change?

Here is a non-exhaustive summary of suggestions:

  • Awareness building of the parents to their personal development

  • Community Action

  1. Education

  • Inform, awareness building, educate the public in general, on the nature of a “Conscience Birth” and perinatal psychology via: mass audience films, documentaries, serial TV, public awareness campaigns, books for adults and for children, etc.

  • Youth Education: integrate into the school curriculum, sessions on the birth process.

  1. Community Action: parental support

  • Follow-through of pregnant women in hospital or clinic environments, home visits, prenatal seminars.

  • Accessibility to follow-through services of birthing (doula) by an adequate preparation for the purpose of developing the responsibility of the conditions of Birthing.

  1. Perinatal Environment

  • Appreciation of the practice of the midwife profession and of the physiological birthing.

  • Training of all perinatal interveners in the domain of advanced pre and perinatal psychology (concepts not integrated in the actual curriculum).

  1. Preconception

  • Training sessions on the methods of pre-conception communication with your child.

  • Preparation of parents on the responsibility of conception, by a physical and energetic re-equilibrium of the physical bodies of the parents.

    • Treatment for detoxication of the physical body.

    • Awareness of the personal historical family memories in order to alleviate the emotional baggage transmitted to children.


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