Helen Martin Harman

Here is a summary of my most valued achievements:

  1. Having been raised in a Mennonite community I was taught how to be self-sufficient regarding growing food, canning, freezing food for winter, sewing clothing for self and others, refinished furniture, upholstery work. This is preparation for living in a world in trouble.

  2. Graduated Nursing School and supported husband through Medical School and also with husband did humanitarian service in both Northern Haiti (no facilities) and Mexico.

  3. Had two children and raised them until they were school aged after which started psychology life counseling and advanced practice nursing.

  4. 1982 started working at Abbot Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis specializing in sexual assault as a psychologist (Obtained Master’s degree but passed the doctorate national boards in clinical psychology).

  5. 1987 went into private practice as psychologist focusing on sexual assault.

  6. In 1988-89 spent 2 years living with the Dakota Sioux and learned a great deal about the travesty of American Native Culture with alcoholism and domestic violence.

  7. Began in 1991 working at Yale Psychiatric Institute obtaining Advanced nursing license.

  8. Became Director of Military Sexual Assault Department at Yale New Haven Veteran’s Administration Hospital. In addition, took care of PTSD veterans from WWII down to combat Vets from Iraqi/Afghanistan conflicts.

  9. As a result of husband #2’s fame in physics, I traveled all over the world with him when he was invited lecturer, and as a result became exposed to very many cultures worldwide in which I visited with and stayed with indigenous people. This led to an understanding of vast differences in life perceptions, traditions, attitudes, beliefs, and so on. During these visits became motivated to help bring basic necessities to these peoples.

My purpose in Life:

  1. Is to assist Dr. Hallowitz’ team with heading up SALKE (Self Awareness, Loving Kindness, Empathy) the Charitable division under PROOF INC. a nonprofit corporation in Colorado (not a 501c3) in which my passion to help combat veterans with both PTSD and Sexual Assault recover, contribute to programs to house the homeless with de novo efforts as well as support for Habitats for Humanity and the Mennonite Fellowship’s projects for homes for homeless in Fort Collins. On the Oases I want to set up a program of work/therapy for returning combat veterans with PTSD.

  2. AS a result of the time spent with the Dakota Sioux I developed a sense of responsibility to care for our dear Mother Earth and Father Sky (Their terminology). I therefore am completely committed to the programs of PROOF LLC and Fulmina Human Resources Foundation Limited.


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