Raymond T. Langcaster


EDUCATION (Highest Level):

MBA – Xavier University, Cincinnati, Ohio USA


Professional Athlete:

Canadian Football League 4 years.

Post athletic days:

joined the Royal Bank of Canada in Montreal Canada as part of the formation of a team of specialists, targeting real estate acquisitions, on a global basis, on behalf of Globe Realty a wholly owned subsidiary of RBC. This was an exciting new venture, targeting major world markets, with the view to developing major projects. With the soaring interest rates, followed by the collapse of the Real Estate Industry in the Mid 80’s I was seconded to Alberta District and assigned the task of working through the massive portfolio the Bank acquired through various forms of foreclosures and forfeitures. This generated the need to be extremely creative in the creation of value as the District struggled to stay ahead of the ever growing non productive loan portfolio.

This was followed by being recruited by a Life Insurance Company, to reposition and invigorate the Companies Real Estate portfolio in Western Canada. This was an exciting opportunity to put my real estate development skills to work. The typical Insurance Company Real Estate investment consisted of joint venturing with a developer, providing the capital and acquiring the asset after completion at a favourable price to the developer. Alternately, buying and holding the land for a developer. The developer created a useable income stream from the improvements with the Insurance Company creating a modest return as a result of the land lease. I focused my efforts primarily in Vancouver & Calgary AB. With the actual development of industrial projects with the Company owning and leasing industrial space. This effort directly resulted in the creation, in excess of $35 Million CDN in new value. The long term results have witnessed the projects growing in value with easily doubling again, if not more.

Carrying on with my real estate and lending skills and seeing the need of a niche market, I formed my own company to provide real estate loans and mortgages to a variety of individuals and companies requiring funding outside traditional lending practices.

I have known David Nixon from my time in Calgary, over some 30 years. We have continued to explore various opportunities in both real estate and non real estate entrepreneurial opportunities. I tend to bring the practical, how do we get there, to the ideas and concepts brought to the table. I see it as being important to map out a strategy as ideas are formulated. Thus ensuring and adding to the probability, that the idea has the full opportunity to be fully realized.


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