David B. Nixon


My first employment of note was with the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce which was, and still is, the second largest bank in Canada which I started after various summer jobs in the financial area. This was an excellent/practical education experience for my future endevours in the financial world. Starting off as a teller but advancing quickly to the audit/inspection department. Very shortly thereafter I was in charge of fraud, embezzlement and defalcation as the senior internal auditor not to mention the investigation of more than 60 bank robberies. It is also interesting to note that this was my first involvement with MTN’s and trade platforms, although in those days they use Letters of Credit as the financial instrument “dejour” and this dates back into the mid to late 60’s. My last position with the bank was on the executive floor where I worked directly with the Regional General Manager and the Vice Chairman of the bank and had constant interaction with many CEO’s, Presidents and other senior corporate officers of many of Canada’s major companies.

My next employment segment was in Calgary, Alberta, with two large investment/brokerage firms as a stockbroker and commodity trader. In those years the stock market provided a very dismal display and consequently 9 out of 10 recommendations of my employers were dead wrong. From there I moved into the Calgary real estate industry as a sales representative with Toole and Cote Real Estate, one of the largest local Calgary real estate firms. In my first year I earned the status as the top MLS realtor in the Calgary area. The following year I moved to the commercial side of real estate. About four years later I opened up my own real estate company known as Nixon, Barrington with Ben Barrington. I was the President and CEO. Did extremely well in that field. This was followed by a short stay into real estate development and project management area. This was an untimely decision due to the fact that a recession moved in (inspired by Reaganomics) which destroyed any possibility of making a decent living.

At that point I moved into the “outside” banking arena. This involved dealing with Prime Bank Notes, MTN’s, and other banking instruments used for trade platforms. I worked with Bayvest Capital Funding, located in the Toronto area, as Executive Vice President and Director. I spent much of my time in London, England dealing with senior bankers and many potential investors. This is where I learned the majority of my understandings of this very complicated business involving trade platforms. In 1996 Bayvest closed it’s doors and I went into early retirement. A few years later I re-connected with Dr. Robert Hallowitz. We worked together on a daily basis and came to the realization that we had many common worldly/universal interests in the humanitarian arena. Presently we are working with the Fulmina Foundation on a number of situations including the magnetic engine and the Oasis project(s). Many other humanitarian projects, that are identified below, have or will be offered to Fulmina for funding.


A long time ago I came to the realization that our world was in terrible shape and would require a very large helping hand. Over the last ten years Dr. Robert Hallowitz and myself have been putting together a number of humanitarian projects. Until recently we finally have the strong possiblity of serious financing to achieve many of these objectives. Through the Fulmina Foundation we now have a commitment to fund our first project, the magnetic engine /generator. This will be a major breakthrough for humanity in that we will see a slow but a formidible decrease in the earth’s carbon footprint. Our plan is to expand into many areas where this technology can be utilized. More importantly this will eventually decrease the cost of energy to the average person.

Next are the other programs that PROOF GLOBAL Corporation (PGC) would like to see funded and underway over time. Here is a brief description of PGC’s initiatives and the preferred sequence for commencement:

  1. start-up production of the magnetic engine/generator (already commited)

  1. the establishment of an oceanic fleet who’s purpose is to clean garbage, plastics and other pollutants from the known oceanic whirlpools and stagnant coastal areas. At present we plan to purchase used ships and have them refitted for their individual task or built new ships designed for that purpose. All debris collected shall be delivered directly to OWR or E2MC who are our related waste management organizations

  2. the establishment of a “super oxygenated water” facility(s)

  3. the commence of the Canadian sister Oasis project

  4. the development of new and highly sophisticated building materials

  5. commence numerous humanitarian projects for the homeless, seniors and veterans

  6. the purchase or JV of coal cogeneration operations that can convert the coal into a liquid additive for all fuels that will immensely reduce carbon emissions while providing greater efficiency. This could also include gas and oil co-generation plants

  7. the establishment of a highly sophisticated medical clinic and research center

  8. the establishment of a highly sophisticated agriculture and aquiponics complexes

  9. to enter into various mining operations in Canada and the USA using highly advanced and eco-friendly mining methods

  10. the construction of numerous worldwide “oxygen” producing plants to help correct the in-balance relative to the previous atmospheric percentage of O2 as well as remove as many of the other pollutants from our atmosphere

  11. to assist California, Colorado and Arizona with their depleting water supplies through either the construction of desalination or behemoth de-humidification complexes. We have been told the de-humidification complexes can be built to a capacity of 100 Million gallons per day (but not independantly verified as yet)

  12. to provide the British Columbia (BC) gov’t with funding to complete the four and/or five lane highway for the Trans Canada HWY to the Province of Alberta plus other infrastructures such as new and/or the repairing of overpasses needed on both Vancouver Island and on the BC mainland

  13. to provide the required funding to restore or rebuild the E & N Railway between downtown Victoria and Nanaimo, BC.

  14. another project I would like to undertake but not identified in the financial Pro Forma, is a dry dockyard in BC waters. The property in mind is located on First Nations lands on the lower area of Vancouver Island however the availability and re-zoning maybe questionable. Once again I will have a team approach the respective authorities when the timing is right. The funding requirement would be around to 2/3 billion USDmark.

I am aware that these projects are numerous, some are very large and therefore quite ambitious but as they say “it’s nothing that money can’t resolve”. Over the years I have known and meet many qualified individuals who I have identified for each of these projects. I realize that I can not manage all of these endeavours on my own so my plan has always been to surround myself with those who are highly qualified and share the same objectives as myself. They will oversee these projects while those who have the expertise in each of these areas will operate the businesses/projects and report back to us on an on going basis. At one point over 30 people had been identified to be part of my team. However due to the length of time that has transpired, some of these team members have gone in other directions or have passed away. I will be replacing them once we get underway. Those who are still available have committed to work with PGC directly and/or indirectly with PROOF LLC and their organizations/teams based on their individual interests and expertise. This will benefit our aims and objectives. There are many others, who I would like to have on board, but I have been reluctant to contact them as I prefer to approach these individuals once I have our financial arrangements and infastructure firmly in place..

Gentlemen, the above represents where I am coming from on a humanitarian basis and truly wish to have most if not all, completed within a reasonable time frame.


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