Stephan Randal Venczel

Fulmina Human Resources Foundation


  • Successfully provided management and marketing oversight in a number of high technology companies in the realm of green energy, software development, telecommunications, fractal data compression and environmental technologies which deal with waste recovery and conversion.

  • Designer and IP holder of “Platoids™”; a low-profile domed housing design which provides totally weather resistant, earthquake proof, global mass-market housing solutions which can be used universally anywhere.

  • Past President of a Canadian Project Development group, Calgary, covering a wide variety of project types.

  • Environmental consulting and corporate development in the realms of biomass recovery, wood waste recovery, ethanol production and currently radiation remediation.

  • Humanitarian – Philanthropic endeavors in the realm of U.N.I.C.E.F., Fulmina Human Resource Group (Group Leader) and Our World Trust which provides orphanages based in Mexico.

  • Founder, progenitor for the FUKUSHIMA DEBRIS FIELD INITIATIVE, launched 2014

  • Co-founder, President – Chief Executive Officer, NEXXUS ENVIRONMENTAL CORPORATION, Colorado (Active today).

Current Goals and Objectives

  • To begin with the immediate deployment and installment of several advanced technologies dealing with radiation remediation, abatement, protection and reversal of the effects of ionizing radiation. To commence in key, problematic hot-spots around the world. namely Japan (Fukushima).

  • To deploy a chain of health and healing centers (Human Health and Hope) which deploy and further Electromagnetic healing and medical technologies along with a variety of new systems which will combat the degenerative illnesses.

  • To create a new research and development institute which advances various technologies and systems of EM (electromagnetic) medicine.

  • To build a new network of inter-city, intercontinental “EarthPort™” sites which are designed to service a new breed of high-speed aerial platforms capable of transporting individuals to any place on Earth within a two hour window. These new EarthPort™ sites will provide a full range of services and infrastructures for travellers. The EarthPort™ development program is the a very large real estate development project. It will offer the most economical and very best form of transport that technology (and money) could ever offer.


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