The Ancient Massage Foundation


The Ancient Massage Foundation for the propagation and preservation of the Ancient Massage Tradition is an international, non-profit organization. The Foundation is devoted to the transmission of the Ancient Massage / Thai Massage tradition and values worldwide through teaching and community service.


The Foundation freely promotes therapists and teachers who agree to abide by these principles and all rules and regulations governing the country in which they reside, travel and practice.


The foundation owns a diversified portfolio, which is managed to provide a perpetual source of support for the foundation’s programs and operations.


 Rahul Bharti founded The Healing Hands Center originally in Kathmandu, Nepal after repeated requests from his students to offer residential courses. It is now located in Pondicherry near Auroville, in India. It is known as one of the main center of traditional healing arts in the region. The Healing Hands Center is dedicated to offering hands-on training with a master in the art of Ancient Massage or Thai Massage.



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