Organic Farming Research Foundation


Organic Farming Research Foundation works to foster the improvement and widespread adoption of organic farming systems. OFRF cultivates organic research, education, and federal policies that bring more farmers and acreage into organic production.


At OFRF, we build the vital infrastructure that supports the success of organic farmers. Our four areas of focus are: POLICY, where we grow champions in Congress and federal agencies; EDUCATION, where we work to integrate organic farming programs into all agricultural universities; GRANTMAKING that expands the adoption of organic farming and practices while addressing urgent issues faced by many organic farmers in America; and building COMMUNITY to cultivate a broader and deeper connection among organic supporters.


OFRF Vision: Organic farming is the leading form of agriculture, leading to healthy and resilient people, ecosystems and economies.


OFRF Mission: To foster the widespread adoption and improvement of organic farming systems.


Research: For more than twenty years, OFRF has been facilitating research for some of the most innovative entrepreneurs in America- organic farmers. Investment in research has never been more important as we experience tremendous consumer demand for organics. Please explore the organic innovation we invest in every day at OFRF.



Main office mailing address :

Organic Farming Research Foundation, P.O. Box 440, Santa Cruz, CA  95061, USA

Phone: 1-831-426-6606

Fax: 1-831-426-6670


303 Potrero St., Ste. 29-203, Santa Cruz, CA 95060, USA

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