African Elephant Specialist Group (AFESG)


This is a group of technical experts focusing on the conservation and management of African elephants. The broad aim of the AfESG is to promote the long-term conservation of Africa’s elephants and, where possible, the recovery of their population to viable levels.


Led by a volunteer Chair (currently Dr. Holly Dublin), the group consists of some 45 volunteer members drawn from all parts of the continent. All members are actively involved in some aspect of elephant conservation and/or management. Membership is reviewed and reappointed approximately every four years.


The challenge of the group is to find workable solutions to country and regional problems in an open-minded atmosphere devoid of deliberate controversies. To meet this challenge, the AfESG has provided technical expertise and advice by helping to facilitate the development of national, sub-regional and continental conservation strategies and management plans and through the publication of Pachyderm and the upkeep of the African Elephant Library.


The AfESG will continue to provide sound, interdisciplinary scientific information to aid in decision making and action. The group will strive to maintain its focus on conservation action on the ground and the on capacity building to manage the species and the challenges it faces.


Opening hours: 8:00 to 17:30 Monday to Friday (except Swiss public holidays).


IUCN Headquarters

IUCN Conservation Centre

Rue Mauverney 28

1196 Gland


Phone: +41 (22) 999-0000

Fax: +41 (22) 999-0002


Rue Mauverney 28,1196, Gland, Switzerland

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