Instituto de Energia Solar : The Solar Energy Institute


The Solar Energy Institute (IES) of the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM), was established by Ministerial Order on 16th February 1979 (BOE nº 99 25 April, page 9399) with a Semiconductor Laboratory in the ETSI of Telecommunication as its base, constituted without a specific legal structure in 1969, and confirmed as a University Institute by Royal Decree nº RD 846/1993 on 28 May (BOE nº 144 17 June page 18679).


The IES is managed by Dr. Carlos del Canñizo and comprises five R&D groups. Nowadays, 18 Professors, 5 PhD researchers, 33 PhD students and 10 administrative and maintenance staff are employed at the Institute. All groups excepting the first one are recognised by the UPM. The second and the third are a sole group sharing the same leader.

Our Objectives : The common goal at IES is that photovoltaics is to become one of the main energy source worldwide, willing to contribute to its development thus making Spain a leading country on this technology. To this aim, R&D activities at the Institute are organized into three main objectives, which constitute the current direction of IES.

In the past IES developed other activities, adequate to those momentary needs. A clear example was the launch of ISOFOTON, one of the most important cell manufacturers worldwide, which constitutes a rich heritage where IES has achieved an excellence that must be preserved.


Supporting the PV installations

Spain has always been one of the leading countries in solar cells fabrication. However the market development in Spain has been too slow as compared to its manufacturing capability, to the extent that, up to a 70-80% of production were exported five years ago. In the last years the internal market has grown explosively and today Spain is the second world market, thanks to the model of feed-in tariff established by the Government.


INSTITUTO DE ENERGÍA SOLAR / Avenida Complutense s/n, 28040? Madrid? SPAIN

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Avenida Complutense s/n, 28040 Madrid, SPAIN

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