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The Hague Center for Strategic Studies (HCCS) was established in 2007 as an independent Think Thank. The founder Pr. Rob de Wijk started this organisation with a small team of senior exerts and analysis, being drawn in from organisations such as the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO), Rand Clingenda, the Dutch Ministry of Defense and the United Nations. This team has conducting strategic research and analyses on issues of international and national security and defense. We shape conceptual thinking into solution-oriented policy and operations recommendations with our partners.

Over the past years, HCCS has expended it’s size scope and reputation. It Is known a well-know organisation , linking the security domain to issues on social economic stability and ecological substability and considering potential effects and policy implications for many different stakeholders.

Mission statement : HCCS help governement, non-governemental organisation and the private sector to understand the fast-changing environment and seeks to anticipate the challenges of the future with practical policy solutions and advices.

What we do

HCCS conducts its activities independently and in collaboration with its large network of affiliated experts. Our products are diverse : full fledged reports , issue briefs, quick topic reports, and commentaries in the media. These products incluse strategic surveys, innovative policy recommendations,trend and scenario analyses, risk assesments, geopolitical and regional security analyses, conflict analyses, operational evaluations and identifications of lessons learned. HCCS is also a platform for the exchange of ideas and development of new concepts and strategic insights.

Whe we work for

Hccs works for public and private sectors clients. For governments, national and international, we provide our entirel range of services. The ministries of Security & Justice, Foreign Affairs, Defense are among our regular customers. In addition, we also provide analysis to international organisations such as the European Commission and NATO. For private sector customers (commercial and non-commercial organisations and associations), we translate our strategic orientation to the business environment in order to contribute to their immediate goals and activities. These firms can be located in all possible sectors.

HCCS and Corporate Social responsibility

HCCS is committed to corporate social responsibility.We believe that turn over, profits, and delivering hight quality services for our clients are not the only pillars of a healthy business. As a company we also benefit from a healthy (social) environment. Our commitment to CSR means voluntaryly investing expertise, person-hours, facilities and our network in worthwhile social causes and activities that benefits society. CSR activities are also embedded in HCCS human’ human resource policy. With its CSR activities, HCCS aims to build a positive environment for its employees. HCCS engages in activities from which society benefits and trhat promote team spirit, the development of talentsand skills of our employees, and that are fun and rewarding.

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The Hague Center for Strategic Studies(HCSS), Lande Voorhout 16, 2514EE, The Hague, Netherlands

+31(70)318 48 40

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