Karnataka State Co-Operative Organic Producers Federation Ltd.


Is the country’s only organization of grassroots organic farmers. Since Indian agriculture continues to remain a source of livelihood for mostly small farmers and peasants, our membership reflects this ground reality as well.

Karnataka State Co-Operative Organic Producers Federation Ltd. is started with the mission to uphold food sovereignty. We strongly believe that people can organise themselves to sustain their own needs. We work with indigenous communities, landless, marginal & small farmers and consumer. We work to improve their access to and control over food, farming systems and natural resources. We promote local production, storage and consumption, prioritize local markets and the consumers’ right to safe and nutritious food.

Our key strategies are sustainable agriculture and sustainable management of natural resources. In collaboration with the local communities we try to understand their traditional knowledge of farming, the conservation of natural resources and trade. In collaboration with communities, we set up action research to find solutions to their local, specific problems. We document and share information about conservation initiatives, crop biodiversity, the impact of policies on farming communities and people’s struggle to assert their food sovereignty.

The ultimate objective of the association is to produce poison-free food for Indian consumers and to achieve this by maintaining the living fertility of Indian soils.

About KSCOF :

The Karnataka State Co-Operative Organic Producers Federation Limited(KSCOF) was formed in 2011 to develop and promote organic farming across the state of Karnataka. The Key Objective of KSCOF is to form a platform that produces supports and also provide funding for agricuture and horticulture crops with the use of organic manure and bio-pesticides. The KSCOF works in partnership with Government to implement the program and funding schemes for the benefit of the organic farmers across the state.

It is still believed that the organic produce are expensive and only meant for consumption by the rich and wealthy people in the society. The Federation through its intiative will bridge thiis gap and rationalise the price of the organic product. This is turn, will make it affordable for all the sections of the society


Karnataka State Co-Operative Organic Producers Federation Ltd., Old Executive Engg Office, APMC, Tumkur Road ,Yeshwanthpur,Bangalore : 560022, INDIA

Phone: 080 2357 9090 / 9999
E-mail: info@organicfederation.coop


Tumkur Road ,Yeshwanthpur,Bangalore : 560022 INDIA

http://www.organicfederation.coop https://www.facebook.com/organicfederation/

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